Marcus L Mann


Working papers

I am currently working on papers, or have papers under review, on the subjects of cultural stereotype transmission and politically conservative undserstandings of science. I am also currently conducting research on how the organizational ecology of conservative online news media affects pathways to more partisan views and attitudes as well as propensity to consume misleading information.

Published papers

Exposure to Opposing Views on Social Media can Increase Political Polarization

Christopher Bail, Lisa Argyle, Taylor Brown, John Bumpus, Haohan Chen, M.B. Fallin Hunzaker,Jaemin Lee, Marcus Mann, Friedolin Merhout, Alexander Volfovsky

Channeling Hearts and Minds: Advocacy Organizations, Cognitive-Emotional Currents, and Public Conversation

Christopher A. Bail, Taylor W. Brown, and Marcus Mann

Is There a Ferguson Effect? Google Searches, Concern about Police Violence, and Crime in U.S. Cities, 2014–2016

Neil Gross and Marcus Mann

The New Atheist Novel: Fiction, Philosophy, and Polemic after 9/11 by Arthur Bradley & Andrew Tate

Marcus Mann

Chapel Use on College and University Campuses

Ryan T. Cragun, Patrick Henry, Marcus Mann, and Stephanie Russell Krebs

Triangle Atheists: Stigma, Identity, and Community Among Atheists in North Carolina’s Triangle Region

Marcus Mann

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